Best Practice
Concrete and Paint Washout Service
CGW Dumpsters specializes in the EPA's Best Management Practice for your washout needs. A safe, reliable product and service that exceeds stormwater pollution standards, which saves our partners time and money. Our concrete washout bins have the ability to hold over 50 mixer truck washouts and can be easily relocated throughout construction.

The concrete washout bin protects the environment from hazardous chemicals in wastewater that can have a pH level of nearly 12. These levels are the equivalent to liquid Drano and may be considered a corrosive.

• Custom washout area proposals based on the needs of the job site.

• Multiple leak-proof container options servicing different truck and job sizes.

• Paint washout bins

• Cost effective and Convenient
• Pan and Outpak options are light-weight and portable, offering easy relocation
• Keeps your job site clean

concrete washout in central Columbus, Ohio and surrounding cities and towns within 60 miles. slurry removal, concrete recycling Containment, and Disposal of Contaminated Waste Water Studies have found high amounts of Hexavalent Chromium in concrete washout water. This chemical has been known to cause cancer. The use of concrete washout containers significantly decreases the risk of environmental contamination.

Slurry Removal
Many industrial worksites produce a slurry, a byproduct of polishing concrete floors, concrete piling drilling, and concrete cutting. The slurry is very dangerous and can contaminate ground and water sources. CGW will work with you to provide proper management and disposal of worksite slurry waste.